Things to Do. Places to See.
Experiences to Share.

Inspire new visitors to discover your business with ClickUPON Ads.

Sell More Tickets

Couples and families are always looking for new things to do. We connect them to your business with social ads that earn more than likes and comments - we get purchases.

Book More Groups

Nothing can target audiences and serve ads to groups of people quite like Facebook. ClickUPON builds specific ads that speak exactly to your ideal group audience.

Raise Average Sales

The cost-per-acquisition on social media quickly decreases the more you advertise and sell. No other medium can find and convert cold customers for a lower cost.

 We are not an ad agency.  We are a social sales channel for your experience.

From Creative To Campaign To Conversion

Social Media is where everyone congregates, so it’s where your business must tell its story best.

We start with an initial on-site discussion to understand your key business goals and experience your venue in person.  For most businesses, that usually involves selling more tickets, getting more groups to book, or raising ticket prices.  We’ll come back with a robust social advertising plan tailored to reaching your objectives that resonates well with new prospects.



Many different types of custom ads and selling messages will be created by us. We usually create 2-4 unique ads campaigns each month until we've figured out which are the most effective at converting cold audiences into paying customers.

Audience Discovery

We’ll find and build the right audiences to reach the type of people who would be most interested in your business. This starts by digging into your best customers and determining the emotions and oft-unspoken needs your business will fulfill.

Graphics & VIDEO

We design custom videos and graphics specifically for Facebook and Instagram. Fresh storytelling content that conveys emotion and explains the experience are critical to stop prospects from scrolling past and consider what you offer.

Results Tracking

We meet with you regularly to assure that our results are driving your business forward and delivering the best results for your dollar. Everything is 100% transparent because media runs from your business' ad accounts, not ours.

Learn how we've created success for our clients

We know the space because we own attractions too.

We are active partners in independently-owned attractions in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida, so we know first-hand what it takes to survive. Learning to use social advertising effectively changed the trajectory of our businesses. We started ClickUPON to help our peers avoid the same mistakes and use Social Media Advertising for the predictable and profitable sales-channel it really is. 

Does your business fit into any of these categories? We can help market your unique experience.

Theater Companies

Tour Companies


Tourist Attractions

Festivals and Fairs

Historic Events & Tours

Tourism Bureaus

Dinner Theaters

Bike/Segway Rentals

Concert Venues

Amusement Parks

Movie Theaters

Bowling Alleys

Ski Slopes

Paint Ball Venues


Family Fun Centers

Trampoline Parks

Camp Grounds

Dance Studios

Continuing Education Classes

Acting Classes

Painting Classes

Adult and Kids’ Day Camps