Small Business Marketing Solutions in Lancaster, PA

Why Work With the Social Media Marketing Agency Lancaster, PA Businesses Trust?

At ClickUpon, we’re paying attention to the part of marketing that will help your small business grow – social media. In traditional marketing, “things to do” businesses are overlooked. Social media is where you’ll attract new customers with our small business marketing solutions in Lancaster, PA.


We have our own experience running the Clipper Magazine Stadium in Lancaster, PA, so you know that we understand the demographics you’re targeting. We found that the solution to better attendance was more social media. With targeted advertising in our toolbelt, we started our journey to becoming the social media marketing agency Lancaster, PA businesses count on for their traffic.


Your social media marketing plan will be unique to your business. We love and appreciate small, independent businesses, and understand that everyone’s branding and marketing journey is different. With that said, we have plenty of options available! Here are just a few small business marketing solutions in Lancaster, PA that we offer:

  • Retargeting Ads – This is one of our most popular choices for small businesses that are just beginning their work with ClickUpon. You’ll see the fastest ROI with this strategy in your plan.


  • Interest Targeting – This tactic is how we identify and target your prospective clients! Using the information that your target demographic has shared online, we can target new people whose interests align with your services.


  • Behavior Tracking – Much like interest targeting, your potential customers’ behaviors can be tracked online. Facebook’s tracking methods assist us in finding new customers for your business.


  • Email Addresses – We’ll use your existing list of email addresses to target and create new lookalike lists.

Looking to learn more about ClickUpon, the social media marketing agency Lancaster, PA businesses work with to grow? Take a look at our Success Stories. Hearing about our current clients will prove the worth of our small business marketing solutions in Lancaster, PA. After that, reach out by using the Schedule a Call feature on our website. A representative will be happy to speak with you as soon as possible.