why it works

What are paid social media campaigns?

Increase exposure, drive traffic to your website, and generate revenue & leads.

Facebook screenshot of campaign for a restaurant

Ads that spark ideas.


Build trust and inspire curiosity with our social media marketing services for small businesses. No cheesy catchphrases – just an authentic, enthusiastic voice that’s as much painting a picture as addressing objections.

Inspiring Image Or Video

We add media that best captures how visitors feel when they’re at your business and only create ads true to your business’ identity.  When using video, short captions will fade in or out to reinforce benefits.

Tailored To Targets

We’ll tailor as many versions of each ad as necessary so the experience your selling – and its call to action – resonate with every target audience.

We build better audiences. And we pay attention.

Paid social media campaigns go beyond your current page followers and get your business in front of NEW people.


Instead of posting to your page, we push sponsored content about your business to thousands of other relevant users who have a need for what you offer. We can put resources behind the people who matter most & track how well each campaign performed.

The right tactics KEEP generating new customers.

Retargeting Ads

Retargeting is repetition or "follow-up" ads that are shown after someone visits your website or landing page, or watches your video. Retargeting ads produce the highest ROI in all of advertising.


A pixel is a tiny data-collecting code added to your website. It records who visits and how deep they go. This secret data sauce "smartens" your lists and learns who has seen which ads before.

interest TARGETING

People share a lot of accurate information about themselves. Where they visit, what they like, where they studied, now work or volunteer. We can target new people directly by their interests or filter other targeting lists by interests to eliminate impressions.

behavior TARGETING

The deep power of Facebook lies in tracking and correlating peoples' online and offline activities. Your brand can endlessly target what people search for or buy (for themselves or even in their household). Target folks traveling or after they return.


Email addresses you've accumulated for years are more valuable than ever. Customers and prospect eMails act as blueprints for fresh lookalike lists.

audience building

The lists we grow and optimize are yours forever. ClickUPON creates campaigns in your business' ad accounts so you control access.

FEED IN Your Customers

Past and present customer emails, marketing lists, rewards clubs and more can be easily linked or regularly imported to Facebook.


Facebook uses its artificial intelligence to find similarities among other profiles that fit within your geographic or demographic preferences.

FRESH lookalike audienceS

The highest-scoring profile matches are grouped into new “audience lists” to show ads, study results, re-optimize, and repeat.

Why ClickUpon?

Focus On The Big Picture

Need help figuring out which approach is best for you? 

We start with an initial discussion to understand your key business goals and experience your vision in person. For most businesses, that usually involves finding new customers, getting more sales, or driving traffic to your business online or in person. We’ll come back with a robust social advertising plan tailored to reaching your objectives that resonates well with new prospects.


Leave the Details Up To Us

Which Ads Manager campaign objectives are best suited for your goals? Leave it up to us! We’ll also manage your monthly budget and allocate it appropriately amongst your active campaigns.


Custom Creative & Messaging

  • Graphics, animations, and videos that are specific to your business and unique offerings
  • Show multiple aspects of your business with dynamic content and carousel ads 
  • Test how creative performs & see what messaging resonates best
  • Placement across all verticals (e.g. Facebook Feed, Stories, Reels, and more)
  • Unlimited edits to your ads – we will never run without your final approval!


The Strongest Audience Development

  • Targeting based on geography, demographics, interests, & behaviors
  • Lookalike audience creation – new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they share similar characteristics to your existing customers
  • Geofencing relevant high-traffic locations, competitors, & more
  • Tracking engagement on social media & on your website using Pixel data
  • A/B testing helps us ensure we’re talking to the right people at all times. We run multiple audiences against each other within a single campaign to see where we maximize results!


Retargeting & Maximizing ROI 

  • Retarget your existing customers, website traffic, social media engagers, & more!
  • Continue the conversation with people who have engaged with your business by serving them follow up ads
  • Use budget efficiently by spending less in early stages to warm the audience up, and then focus more resources on retargeting engaged users that will drive revenue & yield higher ROI
  • Regular monitoring and optimization of campaigns
  • We work directly with a Meta professional that keeps us up to date on platform best practices



  • 24/7 database access to review campaign results
  • Built out of your Meta Business Manager, so you maintain control of the data
  • Transparent monthly reporting on impressions, reach, video views, link clicks, leads, amount spent, and more