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Embrace the World We're in With Our Social Media Marketing Services for Small Businesses

Traditional media is failing local “things-to-do” businesses because no one is paying attention anymore. People are on their devices constantly, so that’s where we must tell your attraction’s story to drive more sales and bookings.

Play Video

Ads that spark ideas.


Build trust and inspire curiosity with our social media marketing services for small businesses. No cheesy catchphrases – just an authentic, enthusiastic voice that’s as much painting a picture as addressing objections.

Inspiring Image Or Video

We add media that best captures how visitors feel when they’re at your business and only create ads true to your business’ identity.  When using video, short captions will fade in or out to reinforce benefits.

Tailored To Targets

We’ll tailor as many versions of each ad as necessary so the experience your selling – and its call to action – resonate with every target audience.

We build better audiences. And we pay attention.

How amazing would it be for a family fun center to reach “Moms of 4 to 9-year-old girls for birthday parties?” Or advertise only to clones of your best group tours? You can do that and afford it with our social media marketing services for small businesses.


We build campaigns with “tens of ad variations” and “tens of targeting variations” to quickly identify what works and kill what doesn’t.  Ad spending is constantly refocused to improve lists and maximize your spend.


ClickUPON excels at “selling local” to find new audiences for you on Facebook.  With authentic creative ads and $400-500/mo. of media spend, most things-to-do businesses see 3-10x revenue in new direct sales. 

The right tactics KEEP generating new customers.

Retargeting Ads

Retargeting is repetition or "follow-up" ads that are shown after someone visits your website or landing page, or watches your video. Retargeting ads produce the highest ROI in all of advertising.


A pixel is a tiny data-collecting code added to your website. It records who visits and how deep they go. This secret data sauce "smartens" your lists and learns who has seen which ads before.

interest TARGETING

People share a lot of accurate information about themselves. Where they visit, what they like, where they studied, now work or volunteer. We can target new people directly by their interests or filter other targeting lists by interests to eliminate impressions.

behavior TARGETING

The deep power of Facebook lies in tracking and correlating peoples' online and offline activities. Your brand can endlessly target what people search for or buy (for themselves or even in their household). Target folks traveling or after they return.


Email addresses you've accumulated for years are more valuable than ever. Customers and prospect eMails act as blueprints for fresh lookalike lists.

audience building

The lists we grow and optimize are yours forever. ClickUPON creates campaigns in your business' ad accounts so you control access.

FEED IN Your Customers

Past and present customer emails, marketing lists, rewards clubs and more can be easily linked or regularly imported to Facebook.


Facebook uses its artificial intelligence to find similarities among other profiles that fit within your geographic or demographic preferences.

FRESH lookalike audienceS

The highest-scoring profile matches are grouped into new “audience lists” to show ads, study results, re-optimize, and repeat.

We love independent businesses.

You are likely much like us – marketers for a local independently-owned “thing-to-do” type business.  We both know how insanely expensive traditional advertising has become and how far it keeps slipping in driving steady response – it’s a battle to keep driving visitors.  That’s where we come in.


  • ClickUPON is not a full-service digital agency.   
  • We’re a SALES CHANNEL for you on social.
  • We drive awareness, and sell tickets & bookings.
  • We don’t nurture fans, we hunt new visitors.  
  • We don’t do term contracts, you control spend.
  • We author creative, launch & optimize campaigns.
  • We launch from your social media accounts.
  • We don’t interfere with affiliates or your agency.
  • We’re available every work day & report weekly.
  • We often trade admission to cover our flat fee.

By serving ads that connect with the right people, at the right times, at normal prices, we utilize discounting dollars strategically (and sparingly) for re-targeting qualified and proven prospects.   Please let us show you how we’ll fight harder every day to promote your business and become a valuable and profitable channel.