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There is NO obligation to work with us for a specific period of time!

Our approach is heavily tailored to the individual needs of each client. For an accurate quote, contact us today for a FREE consultation!


We do have programs available with little to no out-of-pocket costs.


If you would like to learn more about this service, book a call with our team! There’s no pressure to commit. We want to learn more about you, your business, and your goals. We’ll tell you more about what you can expect from us and how we can support you on your growth journey. 

SCHEDULE OUR first call

Pick a time that suits your schedule and we will stop by or call. We’ll dig into your ideal customers and why you so delight them. We'll talk about any data you have such as emails, google analytics and we'll dig in to your current Facebook campaigns. We'll ask how you charge customers, if you attract groups and we'll learn to tell the story of your business.


We will come back to your team with your social advertising plan within the week. Your plan will cover who we intend to target, what tactics and theme of messaging and creative we'll employ, and where we'd advise to run your ads: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube.


We track everything! From what creative stopped folks from scrolling, to which messages made them click, to the path they took to purchase. All of this data is studied and tweaked until we've developed a steady stream you can control with certainty. Within a month or two, you'll finally have that magic dial to turn up or down as you need more customers, groups, tours or reservations.

Step-By-Step: How We Get to Launch



Social Advertising is about being authentic, but we still follow a proven process. 


You business will be assigned three professionals:   Social Marketing Strategist, an Artist, and a  Social Advertising Manager.

We’ll walk you through adding ClickUPON to your Facebook account permissions.  This lets us build your new ads, setup new primary and retarget audience lists, define campaign goals and audience targets, and establish mutually agreed performance benchmarks and monitor live ads.

We’ll help you add just a few lines of Javascript code to your main website.  This connects all the anonymous visitors to your website to their profiles on Facebook and Instagram and enable us to “re-target” and reinforce your ads to help drive them to purchase sooner.  Also, armed with this empirical knowledge, we can build the highest quality “lookalike lists” of these visitors and then advertise to these similar new prospects.

We work with you to compile the best current pictures, videos, and marketing materials about your business.   This helps your ClickUPON artist quickly get social-ready videos and still ads created that most accurate represent your brand and that appeal to your target audience.

From our meetings and visits with you, we’ve learned all about your best customers and why they love the experience you deliver.   Next, we turn this into audience lists segmented by similar or direct interests, based on their current or recently past location, based on similar prior purchases, as well as based on search requests and other behaviors.    Additionally, we’ll create “lookalike audiences” by allowing Facebook to clone your current and past customers (via their email addresses) and find similar targets from the Facebook community at-large.

You don’t know what works unless you test.  We tend to build 4-6 variations of every ad with slightly different audience targets, creative imagery and variations in headlines and body copy.  We learn what resonates and inspires action then we double-down to focus just on the performing ads.  This saves you a lot of money because the ClickUPON team is always working to get the highest number of conversion from the least ad spend.

Once we’ve launched your ads, the real work begins.  Our goal is to narrow down the multitude of ads we’ve created to just a handful of highly-converting advertisements.  This controls your ad spend and teaches us exactly what creative or messaging resonates consistently.

Every month we’ll make creative changes to your ads to reflect what’s happening at your locations and stay seasonally accurate.   Even if we have some ads that perform like rockstars, we must keep your messaging fresh.   People often click and purchase after seeing a two or more ads from a things-to-do brand.   If each ad tells a story, answers objections, and shows how their lives will be enriched or fulfilled, more sales will be made.