our experience

.Our background is marketing.

We understand your world because we also own, operate and market businesses.  For more than forty years we have run a direct mail business, minor-league baseball stadium, and two retro-arcade and pinball museums.

For 30 years, our founders ran a successful direct mail business, building Clipper Magazine into a national powerhouse. Our specialty was working with small to medium businesses, with an additional component of regional brands and some national players.  


Once we reached the final stages of our work with Clipper, our leadership team was left with some new assets. Chief among them was a baseball team – the Lancaster Barnstormers, as well as a unique Retro Pinball Arcade/Museum, with locations in Asbury Park, NJ and Delray Beach, FL. Running these, along with a thriving real estate business and a few other entities, the baseball team proved to be the gateway to our next marketing adventure.


Eight years after the Barnstormers were first formed, the excitement of the local population had sagged a bit. Not as many people would come to games and the sponsors were not getting the level of attention that they had come to expect. Once social media became a focal point, specifically using paid social media, all of that began to change. More new faces started coming to the games and the franchise again grew in popularity. Today, social media is a cornerstone of the marketing efforts for the Barnstormers.


In a similar way, Silverball Retro Arcade, the pinball arcade began to really blossom with the push into social media. Asbury Park had been doing well but Delray Beach needed some attention and they both have flourished ever since. Next, we turned our attention to that marketplace of small to medium businesses that had helped to build Clipper Magazine. It has been just what they were looking for.


Today, Clickupon works with hundreds of businesses across the country, from family fun to retail, and from medical practices to non-profits. Using social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, Clickupon has brought this power to businesses that otherwise would struggle to do this themselves and who could not afford the big agency expense that powers the larger regional and national brands. Clickupon is a specialist now in paid social advertising for those local brands looking to grow in this digital environment.  

crowd at clipper magazine stadium cheering on lancaster barnstormers baseball team